• Testimonials

    From our previous explorers

    Mark, Darcie, & Teagan

    "My 12-year-old daughter, wife, and I volunteered at a recycling center on Antigua. Our driver gave us a tour of the island, including treats from a locals-only bakery in town.

    At the center, which supports several families, we sorted materials amongst locals and learned about the science of recycling. The experience allowed us to connect with locals in a way very few tourists do.

    Our daughter learned about life in the islands in a secure setting and has been inspired to study environmental science. A few days of serving in the beauty of the islands and the luxury of the ship made the experience extremely rewarding."


    The Nussmeirs

    "Our family volunteered at the Salvation Army facility on St Lucia. At their daycare center, we assisted teachers, soothed infants and sang songs with the children.


    We saw the children's needs listed under the trip details in the online store and brought stuffed animals, toothbrushes, and hand sanitizer. We loved our time and would volunteer again in a heartbeat!"


    Jan Harer

    What an amazing opportunity to give back to others in an area that has been hit hard in the last couple of years by some devastating hurricanes.

    I walked a number of dogs, gave puppies baths, cleaned cages, and helped wherever they needed me. Was an amazing and wonderful experience!!

    If you are ever on a cruise through the Caribbean - please consider contacting Hope Floats (or your travel agent) for opportunities to give back!!

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